Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Role of Enterprise Data warehousing in Pharma Industry

Data warehousing– that can be stated as the consolidation of data in an enterprise and arriving at a state that facilitates reports and analysis for further processing. This process can be with respect to any industry but what is all important is how well the system manages the entire data is more likely an important key factor towards various processes like those of extraction, transformation and loading..

Seems to be fine with the overview of data warehousing, but moving ahead in a different lines, lets explore how this is related to any other industry in the present global market, likely towards a pharmaceutical industry and more ahead at an enterprise level..

Taking an insight into a pharmaceutical industry definitely gives an impression that it is well indulged in the process of having large volumes of data that are related to the existing records, production of new results, fact based reports and many figures. As the process is continuous, data generation is never ending and may lead to a possibility of data overload, that raises a general question at ones mind regarding what to do with the huge volumes of data and what limitations can be applied towards processing the meaningful and actionable data.

Data warehousing comes into the point of focus of the industry that meets the needs of the pharmaceutical enterprises so as to control and access the data. It makes a clear affirmation that an approach of the pharmaceutical enterprises towards implementing a data warehouse makes the data or information available to a broad set of audience and definitely ensures proper decision support with relevant data and avoids any associated risks.

The definition of a data warehouse varies from one enterprise to another as they are defined accordingly with respect to the role they play in the enterprises which varies across like those of a data marts, data repositories and also as data warehouses.

Easy to create and less expensive data repositories have their role as a storage systems that accumulates huge amount of data. Over the other hand it lacks its ability to allow data manipulations that raises up the needs to transform data into meaningful information so as to project its actual and true value in the pharmaceutical enterprises.

This lead to the evolution of having a data warehouses in the pharmaceutical enterprises that over the other edge, has the capability to play the key roles of both a data repository and also as a data marts held within them. Data marts when designed specifically with a particular operational goal, meets the needs of the clinical programs.

Data warehouses would definitely exist all over in the pharmaceutical industry in the future, considering and meeting a point of fact that all entities either large or small requires a faster access to their data. For sure, it is essential that information can be made available for a broad set of audience, leading to a fact of thought that providing quick access to the data makes individuals to act upon it at a faster phase and their findings can provide a strategic benefit.

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