Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Online Patient Registration Roadmap

Online Patient Registration saves a huge interms of efforts, risk, cost and time. Online patient Registration ensures a smooth functioning of the Out patient department in a hospital and allows the hospital deliver ultimate treatment to its patients.
Patient Registration made simple!!! Plan your patients much before in the most simple, yet highly effective way to enable you to deliver your best to your patients.Online patient registration solution provides you the most convenient, on dot accuracy means for patients to provide their critical medical history and patient data online. Patients are at a luxury to complete their registration forms from the convenience of their own home – or from anywhere there is an Internet.

Patients input their demographic, health information in their personalized health record online. This information appears in the medical record for their examination. They are provided with all the appointment details subject to the availability of slots immediately after the registration. They can directly walk in and meet their doctor in the allotted time.


  • Patient Registration
  • Patient Health Records
  • Automated Patient Scheduling
  • Automated Slot Management
  • Departments, Date wise Appointments
  • Appointment Alerts
  • Advanced Registration Tracking
  • Advanced Search Options