Thursday, May 20, 2010

Optimizing Commercial Operations in Pharma and life sciences

Commercial Operations, on an overview gives an opinion of the processes that brings together, all the set of marketing and sales activities within the enterprises. What might be the industry these operations are attained with the overall involvement and integration of the set of activities like those of Marketing Operations Management(MOM), Brand Management, Innovation management, Product Management, Channel & Sales Management and Customer Interaction Management.

In a brief scenario, an enterprises resources, processes and technology are aligned so as to support and proceed ahead as part of commercial operations that further helps in improvising innovations and create its effectiveness in the market places. It can be the role of the enterprises that makes them move into the market or for the market, keeping its hold over the competitive processes.

Lets explore more in detail regarding these commercial operations and more likely in relation to a pharmaceutical and life sciences industry, that has evolved in these processes over the past fifty years and has built up its sales activities and refined its marketing principles all over with a target towards the primary care physicians and delivering and selling best products.

Processes defined such as Commercial Operations Management keeps their hold across product innovations as well as marketing team, that makes it more accountable for their commercial and financial outcome. Here seems to be an integration process of two functional areas giving a clarity for enterprises that is always important and accountable for major decisions, designing and redesign processes and further relating all these towards a more measurable outcomes and further improvise processes.

Still to an extension of this, the commercial operations of a pharmaceutical enterprise are at the need of changing themselves and get optimized. Consumption of an enterprises revenue to an extent of 20-25 percent by these operations and still not facing effective results continuously has lead to the need to optimize and shift their operations from restricting sales representative access to physicians and also make a strategic approach after shifting towards the consumer advertising from direct operations. Also to work around with payers in ratcheting low prices.

Stating all of the above scenarios, it gives a clarity of all the aspects at which any pharmaceuticals commercial operations need to be changed and also we observe that they are being optimized like those of the products from the pharmaceutical pipelines, in a higher order are the special ones which are related to the smaller patient groups and specialists.

And despite the fact, these products accede, much more in their potentiality, to decrease morbidity and transience, they will also come to market pricing much more per course of remedy. This will emphasize the pressures between pharmaceutical commercial operations at one end and payers and providers over the other edge. To strongly succeed, any pharmaceutical enterprise's commercial operations must reach ahead of the process that just try to establish a value for the industry and maintain a situation of seeking so as to provide value to payers, providers and patients.

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