Monday, February 15, 2010

Business Intelligence in Pharma domain

Enterprises in today's market need appropriate ways to stay successful from the competencies. Similar in those lines , Pharmaceutical companies focus in maintaining its market share and revenue growth and remain competitive.

Some of the challenges raised from the monitoring of real time business activities across functional departments like integrating the data as part of the clinical research into one repository in a whole, made pharmaceutical industries to focus towards Business Intelligence.

A Business Intelligence system enables effective decision support for a Pharmaceutical enterprise in which , some scenarios like the ability to integrate financial operational data with external data sources are considered. For example taking scenarios as such maintaining patient data and prescriber data from data providers, pharmacies and payers.

Cross functional data repositories with Business Intelligence is on an increasing edge wherein pharmaceutical executives tend to manage and increase their Return on Investment. Business Intelligence provides a clarity in the point of views across investments , paybacks, therapies, customer segments and brands. Business Intelligence providers along with many enterprise software vendors offers optimization of ROI.
Solutions provided from Business intelligence, lessens the so far faced troubles in the pharmaceutical industry and improvised the potential of the drug development enterprises to enable quick operational excellence and enhance its technical management to support drug development.

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